Photoisomerization of functional molecules in the gas phase

The team will explore the influence of photoisomerization on functional changes in complex organic molecules, such as 7-dehydrocholesterol, phytochromobilin, spiropyran and others. Photoisomerization leads to structural changes with consequences for the electronic and magnetic properties of these compounds.
While such processes and molecules have often been studied in solution before, there is little information about their dynamics in the gas phase. Quantum-interference assisted deflectometry shall allow to tackle these questions, experimentally. The experiments shall determine absorption and isomerization cross sections as well as the changes in absolute electrical and magnetic susceptibility. The team of Markus Arndt will perform the quantum optics experiments, which will be comlemented by quantum chemical calculations in the team of Leticia González and computational work on magnetic  models by Cesare Franchini and colleagues. PhD students in this section of DCAFM will receive a thorough training in experimental molecular beam science and matter-wave science and technology as well as a deep insight into advanced quantum modelling of molecular dynamics and excitations, including magnetism.