Doctoral College Advanced Functional Materials (DCAFM)

The Doctoral College Advanced Functional Materials (DCAFM) provides doctoral education at the highest international level on the synthesis, characterization, analysis and theoretical description of novel functional materials, ranging from low-dimensional materials with exotic electronic and optical properties to soft matter systems with tailored mechanical responses to external stimuli.

During 2016-2017, DCAFM was integrated as a topical college into the newly established Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDSP).

Faculty of the DCAFM consists at the moment of ten members and two associate members with complementary backgrounds on diverse fields within materials physics. As of March 2017, the college has more than 30 doctoral fellows. Up-to-date information can be found on the People-subpage. Starting in 2017, the enrolment procedure of the DCAFM will be carried out through the VDSP.


DCAFM within the Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Physics

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