The QNP group will devise functional macromolecules, such as large peptides, oligonucleotides or molecules with astrophysical relevance (such as PAHs) in quantum interference experiments. For that purpose, we will explore soft volatilization methods and novel functionalization schemes to render them susceptible to quantum manipulation techniques. We will explore methods to change the molecular charge state in free flight in high vacuum and neutralization. These molecules shall be exposed to matter-wave assisted metrology to characterize their optical, electric and magnetic properties. We aim at attaining the ultimate limit of spectroscopy where every molecule or clusters interacts with at most one or two photons, in off-resonant experiments not even a single one, to extract spectroscopic information. The recoil in the interaction between light and macromolecules is readily measured inside a highly sensitive matter-wave interferometer. The data will allow to calibrate advanced tools in computational chemistry and these tools will be important to model our quantum experiments.